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About the Company

KIDSAFE ID™ is the first ever digital ID company for kids on the web. We produce unique, high quality and durable children ID cards that help better protect children as well as provide a precious family keepsake for years to come.
KIDSAFE ID™ was founded and established in 1999 by Dr. Richard Behlen. He envisioned the program while operating his private practice. Prior to that time, child ID cards were primarily provided by law enforcement or public service organizations. These non-resilient ID cards consisted of a passport photo laminated on paper. They had little child or parent appeal. Recognizing the need to do a better job, Dr. Behlen, also a father, developed KIDSAFE ID™ to provide a fun safety resource for the kids.
In addition, KIDSAFE ID™ offers school fundraising opportunities, nationwide partner programs for various industries, card sponsorships and specialized programs for non-profit orgranizations.

KIDSAFE ID™ Mission Statement

The sole purpose of KIDSAFE ID™ is to serve each community and family by providing a safety resource in the hands of every child's caregiver in the country.

What We Offer

In early 2002, KIDSAFE ID™ launched its newly revamped website with a mission to provide child safety resources for parents to customize and print their own IDs from our card design collection on any personal printer. The printed IDs can then be easily laminated or inserted into a standard plastic ID tag. Parents are also given the option of having the IDs printed by us professionally on durable credit-card material for a minimal fee.

We partner with several non-profit and children organizations in providing this service directly from their website at no cost to the user.
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