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Creating a Printable Child ID
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Imaging Tutorial
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Upgrading a Child ID
- Getting your ID printed profesionally...
I Don't Have a Digital Picture
- How to order ID cards without a digital image...
Security and Safety
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Your Order Status
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Creating a Printable ID

This is what you need before starting the Child ID creation process.
A head and shoulder image of the child in a JPG format. ( See Example )
Child Information such as Name, Birthdate, Age, Height, Weight, Sex, Parent Name and Phone numbers ( optional)
A connected printer with paper. The final printout of your KIDSAFE ID will be determined by the quality of your printer.

Creating a printable child ID is fast and easy. Simply select a card design and click the "next" button. Fill in the child information. Select the layout type and click PRINT.
Be sure to have you printer connected and filled with paper.

Note: All child information is deleted. We do not store any child information on our servers.

Imaging Tutorial

You need a head and shoulder image of a child in a JPG format. ( See Example )
You can obtain this using a digital camera or scanning an existing photograph. Most retail outlets, public libraries, schools offer scanning services and digital photography for a minimal fee.

Image requirements:

Format: JPG
Size: 200X250 (In pixels, 72 DPI)

Upgrading an ID

After printing the Child ID on your own printer, you may choose to upgrade it to a professionally printed Child ID card on durable PVC/plastic material. (The Size of a California drivers licence). These Child ID cards are printed by our team and shipped out to you within 3-5 weeks.

You may also choose to purchase additional child safety products. We are currently working with several entities to provide you these products at the lowest cost possible.

I Don't Have a Digital Images

We can scan your image, see our section on ordering by mail

Security and Safety

All financial transactions done on our website is via secured encrypted SSL server and Verisign. This is the industry standard for processing credit cards online. We do not compromise your safety and privacy in any way.

Your Order Status

It takes 3-5 weeks to get products ordered from our site. If you do not receive you merchandise in this timeframe, please contact us and we will respond promptly.

Technical Help

The website is optimized for viewing at 800 X600 monitor resolution and for Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher users. While you may view it in different settings or browsers, layout may vary.

Site Map

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