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Child Safety Promotional Programs

Do you have a family friendly business or company? If so, you can sponsor a child safety promotion in your community. Your business will benifit from increased exposure, more customer traffic, and enhanced community image. As the program sponsor, your organization's name and logo are printed on the front and back of every ID card that you sponsor. We also show you how to use the program to network with schools, non-profit organizations, and media entities, allowing you to maximize your company's positive exposure.
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Fundraising Program

KIDSAFE ID™ offers a unique fundraising program for non-profits, PTAs, schools, sporting leagues, and family service organizations. The program provides the fundraising organization with the following benifits:
  • Fundraising Program that better protects kids!
  • No up-front costs!
  • Provides numerous and frequent opportunities for fundraising events!
  • Easy to implement with little work involved!
  • Organization's name is printed on the ID cards!
KIDSAFE ID™ works with fundraising organizations throughout the country in planning and implementating successful fundraising events. Let us help your organization to better protect the children in your community!
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"After my first few fundraising events, I'm sold on your program! It seems almost too good to be true. Everyone thinks they are getting a deal. You offer a quality product at a good price, and offer nonprofits a good percentage with no money upfront. Why hasn't anyone else thought of this?!?

Tanya Sturman, President

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