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Corporate Sponsorships

KIDSAFE ID™ provides sponsorship opportunities to corporate entities that wish to enhance their community image by contributing to the KIDSAFE ID™ program.

Types of Sponsorships

Syndicate Partner

Allow your web users to print their child IDs directly from your site! Every ID that is printed will automatically have your information as the sponsor of the ID. KIDSAFE ID™ provides the technical back-end infrastructure, hosting space and full platform customization.
(read more about the program)

* This is allocated for non-profit and selected children websites.
Voucher Sponsor
KIDSAFE ID™ will create a pre-determined number of vouchers with a special code on each voucher. These vouchers will have your information printed as a sponsor of the event that you organize. You can distribute these vouchers to consumers in numerous ways, including val-pak mailers, corporate correspondence, event announcements, and so forth. Similarly, fulfillment can be done either manually or electronically. Each voucher is redeemed for a customized KIDSAFE ID card with your information pre-printed on the front and back of each card.

( Visit the online redemption website)
Non-Profit Sponsor
  KIDSAFE IDĒ will generate ID cards for a particular non-profit organization of your choice. All revenue generated will be donated back to that organization.
Event Sponsorship  
KIDSAFE IDĒ will generate ID cards based on a number that you require for a particular event. Your sponsorship information is printed on each ID card as the event sponsor.

Generation of the completed ID can be done either manually, where your staff gather the child information during the event OR via a website fulfillment, where the consumer can build their ID cards themselves using an assigned redemption code. The completed IDs can be mailed to you for distribution back to the families, or mailed directly back to the families as a coupon distribution vehicle.

This is a non-monetary sponsorship by your organization that endorses and supports the child safety initiative by KIDSAFE IDĒ. We will list all sponsors of this type on our up and coming sponsor section on our site.

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