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User Testimonials

KIDSAFE ID™ appreciate the thank you cards, letters and emails that we receive from our users. It brightens our day at work to receive these goodies!

User Testimonials

We've made KidSafe IDs for all three of our own children & encourage our friends and customers to do the same. It's easy, it's free & takes only a few minutes to create a potentially life-saving resource for our little ones.

Brenda Drain
Mom & Business owner

KidSafe ID- What a wonderful idea! And so nicely executed! We at KinderStart.Com applaud the KidSafe Folks for providing such a wonderful and (fun) service to the community.

Dr. Victor B.Goodman

I can't believe you are providing the service for FREE! Thank You so much. We love the designs.

Lucienda S.
San Diego, CA
Yello Dyno has been in child endangerment prevention for 16 years and your internet-based free child I.D. program is the best I've seen. You have also made the cards both cool and fun, which is the key to acceptance by kids and parents, alike. I look forward to our partnership.

Dennis Wagner, President,
Yello Dyno

This is amazing! One of the best products available on the internet for
child identification. As a missing children agency, we constantly look for
innovative new products like this. We look forward to a great working

Kirk Sherwood
Executive Director
Ottawa, Canada

Thank for the ID service. We printed several designs and have it on all my kid's stationary. Go KIDSAFE !!!!

Shelly Bennet
Bakerfield, CA
" I would like to thank KIDSAFE ID™ for making this great program of making ID's for our children. They love it! "

Alejandra Mongre
San Diego, CA

Nice ID cards. I received the IDs and my kids loves them! Thank You KS!

Pat Garcia
San Diego, California

What a great IDEA! Thank you sooo much. We will be your number one customer!

Jana Paz
Honolulu HI

Thanks for the great service!

Kelly Davis
Irvine, CA

We used our new printer to print the Ids and they came out really nice. Thank you Kidsafe!

Temisha Adams
Temecula, CA
Great IDs. We printed 3 and they look really good. thanks

Shawna V.
El Centro, CA

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