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Why A Child ID?

A child is reported missing every 40 seconds in the United States alone. If your child is missing, what would you rather be doing; answering a long list of questions about their physical appearance, or helping police and others begin to look for your child right away?
In this situation, the first thing needed is an accurate and immediate description of your child. Do not try to rely on your memory at this point - your mind will be so frantically focused on finding your child that you may cause more confusion than clarity. Also, do not think that a child ID kept at home (like a video, a home fact file, or a snapshot) will help in this situation. Too many parents make this mistake and do not get prompt law enforcement attention in getting to the task of locating their child. Law enforcement and others need proper identification that is immediately available before they can take action.

Who Keeps the Child ID?

Every family member, care-giver, or institution that cares for or supervises the child should have a current copy of the child ID card readily available. The ID cards are a valuable resource for children and parents to have in their possession. Schools, daycare centers, care-givers, baby-sitters, and family members who care for the child should have a copy of the ID card as well.

About KIDSAFE ID™ Cards

For a low price, you may have your KIDSAFE ID™ printed on high-quality material. These KIDSAFE ID cards make terrific and inexpensive keepsakes! In addition to the obvious benefits of readily available information for authorities in an emergency, these Child ID cards ultimately become cherished keepsakes for family members chronicling the progression of a child's growth as they grow and change during their precious early years. Additional cards for grandparents, aunts, uncles and close family members make terrific yet inexpensive mementos.
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